How to heal from childhood ?

How to heal from childhood ?

How to heal from childhood ?

Prem Rawat, was only four, he went to a rural Indian village with his father and gave his first short speech about peace. At the age of 8, he lost his father. Living without parents can have long-lasting impacts on a child's emotional development. He has become an ambassador of peace, sharing his unique message of peace to the whole world, which conveys the possibility to establish peace in the society and the whole nation.

An individual who has an inner child is characterized by their childlike feeling and behavior. The term was developed by Eric Berne, a Canadian psychoanalyst. Several factors may have led to the inner child status. Let us consider briefly the causes of the inner child before focusing on the possible ways to heal from it.

What are the factors to the inner child?

There are several potential reasons why an adult behaves like a child. The primary reason is emotional neglect. This is the case when the child's emotions were always neglected by the parents. This may result in psychological and physical sicknesses, which are difficult to heal.

Another factor is psychological neglect, which was caused by the parents' failure to listen to and nurture the child as a human being. As a result, this leads to a constant feeling of anger and trauma, preventing sustainable healthy and respectful relationships.

The third reason for the inner child development is due to physical neglect, when the parents fail to achieve their duties to love, protect and feed their child. This leads to eating disorders, extreme risk-taking behaviors, and all kinds of addictions.

How to heal from childhood?

Here are some ideas on how to recover from your inner child.

Have fun and enjoy yourself

Take some time off work and play your favorite game. Do the things you could not enjoy when you were a child. Spend some time with your friends and play basketball. You can also join a team, or take your children to play with you. You need not worry about your playing with children; your children will dearly enjoy every minute spent with you.

Buy yourself some presents

During childhood, it is not always possible to get everything you need or want. Children from a large family have to share everything they have. For example, all the children play the same unique toy. And if the parents' income cannot cover all the needs of the family, younger children have to re-use their elder siblings' school bags; they might also have to wear their older siblings' jackets, pants and school uniforms.

Therefore, to heal from such a pain, you can buy a present for yourself, like a nice bag, or a nice jacket. You can also treat yourself into a delicious meal to remedy the negative feeling for having to eat very little while living in a very large family in your childhood.

Spend time with your peers

Another factor to the inner child is due to the strict rules imposed by the parents, depriving the child to spend time with their peers after school or in their free time. To heal yourself, allot yourself some time to have fun with your friends. You may organize a game to do together, with some drinks too.

Share your pain

To heal from childhood trauma, it is helpful to share your pain with a trusted person. This may be your own child, your parents if they are still around, your closest sibling, or your friend. However, you may also write a letter to or from your inner child and pour out your feelings in the letter.

Practice inner child mindfulness meditation

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, suggests practicing a meditation he calls "Knowledge" to discover the fundamental childhood inner problems and to heal from it. Once you become mindful of your child within, you can gradually be healed from it.

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